Discover the many benefits of Tarot & Tea card/Charm Readings, Astrology, 
crystal and energy healing, yoga and meditation.
I invite you to take a relaxing breath—to take a moment
for yourself and explore this space.


1.00 pm to 4.00 pm, Saturday 27 February 2021
at The Spiritual Co-op, Milton NSW

Learn the basics of intuitive tarot reading. No need to memorise card meanings.

In this 3-hr workshop:

☆ discover the structure and suits of the tarot
☆ play fun games/exercises to open up your intuition
☆ practice readings using 1, 2 and 3 cards.

Just $130 and includes your take-home Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck & Handouts

Presented by Lesley Levy of Innerji - Professional Tarot Reader & Teacher.

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Sponsored by: The Spiritual Co-op, Teapot Teas, I am Andrew Yeo & Twisted by Mish.


Innerji's services, classes and consultations are now available online!

Tarot & Tea Card/Charm Readings - discover how tarot & tea card/charm readings can provide insight into your life and its direction. Available online and in-person.


Astrology - Innerji is now offering a range of Astrology readings from
mini-birth chart readings to comprehensive insights to help you not only better understand yourself, but to utilise your strengths in all aspects of your life.

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Yoga Classes - both chair and mat private yoga classes are now available via Zoom video - live and in real time


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All Shapes Yoga
for mat and chair
Tarot & Tea Card/Charm Readings
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The Innerji promise: 


is to welcome you into a safe, nurturing and accepting online space whether it be for yoga, readings or meditation.


About Innerji

About Lesley Levy
Yoga & Meditation Teacher - Wellbeing Mentor
Crystal & Energy Healer - Crystal Massage Therapist
Tarot Insights Consultant - Tea Card/Charms Reader
My Yoga Journey

I remember going to my first yoga class
as a 'plus-size' person.


I was downright terrified!


Terrified I would be the only larger person in the class - the only person with arthritic knees - the only person who found it difficult to get down onto the floor and get up again.


I was terrified I would embarrass myself in some way, but I knew I wanted to try yoga.

To this day, I am so grateful to my first yoga teacher who welcomed me without judgement; encouraged me on my yoga journey; and helped me to re-build my confidence - not only to do yoga, but in my life.

And so, I became a Yoga Teacher who specialises in teaching yoga to people who have always wanted to do yoga, but feel they can't. Classes include All Shapes, Divine Curves and Chair Yoga classes, courses and private sessions. I also specialise in teaching yoga to people living with mild to severe physical disabilities and intellectual challenges in private groups.


















I have been both obese and thin, and right now I am somewhere in between, so I understand yoga and mindful movement from the experience of being different body sizes.

So, if you are thinking -
'Gosh, I would love to try yoga or mindful movement,
but I'm scared'.

Believe me when I say I understand - I have been there. I invite you to be brave and join me on this journey of self-empowerment using the tools of mindful movement, meditation and wellbeing.

My Innerji promise: 

is to welcome you into a safe, nurturing and accepting space in which

to explore yoga and wellbeing in a way that works for you regardless of your size, shape, age or your current state of wellbeing.

My Metaphysical Journey


I remember my first introduction to tarot cards at just 19 years of age; and so began a fascination with the Tarot and all things metaphysical.


The deck was the Rider-Waite and I still have this deck as part of my toolkit and collection.


I have been exploring and learning about metaphysics, healing and natural therapies for some 40 years:

My experience includes:

  • Tarot/Oracle reading for myself and others

  • Training in Tarot at the House of White

  • Tea Card Readings (Certificates - Level 1, 2 & Advanced)

  • Tea Charm Reading (Certificate)

  • Face and Body Reading (Diploma of Teaching - Psychosomatic Therapies)

  • Intuitive energy healing

  • Reiki (I am a Reiki Master) and intuitive spiritual healing

  • Mediumship (platform work and private - now retired)

  • Psychometry

  • Auras

  • Chakra balancing

  • Massage/bodywork

  • TFH Kinesiology


  • Yoga (qualified yoga teacher for adults and children)

  • Meditation (qualified meditation teacher)

  • Holistic Counselling (Certificate)

  • Member: Rosicrucian Order AMORC.

I bring all of my experience to your tarot/oracle, tea card/charm and face readings to help you find insights and direction. It is a privilege to help you.


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