Private yoga sessions for individuals and groups are an awesome way to improve your wellbeing, fitness and to begin or continue on your yoga journey.
If you want to learn yoga in a way that is designed specifically for you and your body, then Innerji’s private yoga sessions offer the ideal solution.
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Experience the ultimate in individual attention with a bespoke yoga practice
created just for you, especially if gyms or group exercise is not your thing.



1.5 hrs session                      $   90


1 hr session                            $  80


Five session package (1 hr)   $ 355, saving you $20

Ten session package (1 hr)   $695, saving you $55

Buddy–Up for couples/friends:

Teaming up with your partner or friend is a great way to stay motivated when you
begin your yoga practice. Innerji offers
private yoga sessions for two or three
people with attention to each person’s needs.




1.5 hrs session                       $   70 p.p (ie $140 for two people)


1 hr session                             $  50 p.p (ie $100 for two people)


Five session package (1 hr)    $ 225 p.p (ie $450 for two people) saving $25 p.p.

Ten session package (1 hr)     $450 p.p. (ie $900 for two people) saving $50 p.p.

What you will receive:


Whether it’s a ‘Mat–for–One’ or ‘Buddy–Up’ yoga, you can choose from a one-off introductory session, or you can book a four-session package. Your bespoke yoga practice will include:

  • a wellbeing assessment and setting your intentions and goals

  • breathing techniques for wellbeing and stress management

  • yoga poses sequenced and modified where needed for your body structure and goals

  • handouts of common yoga poses for you to keep

  • unique aromatherapy blends diffused for wellbeing and ambience during your practice

  • guided relaxation and meditation.

Private Group Sessions:
Private group classes and sessions are available to groups of four or more people. A one-off private group or series of yoga classes are ideal to include in your workplace, organisation, or social group. Innerji offers both mat and chair yoga classes on-site at your workplace or in your home. 
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Private Corporate Yoga
Yoga in your workplace is a great way for people of all ages and fitness levels to:
  • improve their flexibility and strength
  • reduce and better manage stress decreasing the need for time off work due to stress-related illnesses, and therefore positively affecting productivity and your bottom-line.
  • reduce the risk of over-use injuries through specific stretching exercises and posture awareness.
Classes can be offered at the office desk or in a conference room or other space that can cater for chairs or yoga mats.Each class includes: 
  • simple breath techniques to de-stress and bring more oxygen into the body and brain
  • mindful movement with a variety of yoga poses done either sitting in a chair or on a yoga mat
  •  a guided meditation/relaxation.
Staff will experience a safe, nurturing space in which to explore yoga poses with variations for each pose to suit everyone's ability. All classes are taught using simple explanations (no Sanskrit names for the poses), with no philosophy or religious connotations, as Innerji honours and respects the diversity of people's beliefs and cultures.
For more information, call Lesley on 0412 993 371
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