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New Moon in Scorpio

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs at 8.13 am Friday, 5 Nov 2021 ADST (remember to check the time for your specific location if you live in a different time zone).

A new Moon always occurs when the Moon and the Sun are conjunct. In other words, they are next to each other in the sky, and so their energies and influences blend.

The new Moon generally is all about new beginnings and setting new intentions, and with this new Moon in Scorpio, it is all about diving deep into our emotions, our spirituality, and our secret shadow side.

The energy of Scorpio is Fixed Water - intense like a deep, dark bottomless lake; and the deeper you dive, the higher the intensity.

It is about secrets and what is hidden under the surface. It is about your shadow self which can be challenging to face in the light of day. So, suffice to say this is NOT a light-hearted New Moon.

The Moon in Scorpio is in Fall, so the Moon is not very comfortable in this sign which adds to the intensity. So, anything you wish to begin at this New Moon will be intense and uncomfortable.

It is also an opportunity for deep self-introspection around your deepest spiritual beliefs and the occult, especially as the New Moon trines (is in harmony with) with Neptune in its home sign of Pisces (the planet and the sign of intuition and spirituality, where boundaries are not at all clearly defined). Also, Neptune is retrograde and so it is the energy of a more internal exploration of oneself and spirituality, rather than external.

To top it off, we have a Stellium (three or more planets located in the one sign) with the Sun, Moon and Mars all located in Scorpio. This adds even more punch to this already intense energy, as Mars (the planet of action, passion and war) rules Scorpio (along with co-ruler Pluto).

Mars in Scorpio is an internal energy, as Scorpio has a negative or receptive polarity. So the action, the passion, and struggles are more internal than external.

Next, we have this New Moon also square Saturn (the planet of structure, rules, boundaries and restriction) challenging this need for boundless internal exploration with the restrictions of imposing structure and rules.

So what does this all mean for this New Moon in Scorpio?

I could be superficial in my interpretation and talk about partnerships, finances etc., but the planetary aspects for this New Moon in Scorpio require looking deeper in the mirror and facing all apects of ourselves - our duality of light and dark for a new transformation to occur from within.

Emotions are deep and intense, so think carefully about your intentions and what you wish to begin.

Understand that any new beginning at this time will feel uncomfortable, but if you can take the time to truly acknowledge your deepest secrets and shadow aspects like jealousies, grudges, resentments and let them go, you can create space for new self-empowering intentions by utilising that passionate Mars energy.

This deep dive into one's own hidden world of secrets, passions and feelings can bring self-acceptance for the duality of light and shadow that resides in each one of us. This, in itself, is empowering - especially when we accept Saturn's challenge of creating appropriate rules and boundaries for ourselves.

Harnessing this intense, internal energy of this New Moon in Scorpio offers the opportunity for deep transformation and self-growth, if you so chose.

Interpreted and authored by:

Lesley - The Metaphysical Crone

Innerji - Tarot, Tea & Astrology

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