'Meditation - a journey of the mind, heart and soul.'
Lesley Levy


Meditation is a very personal practice that is unique to each person.


I believe discovering a meditation practice that works for you is unique - that is why I offer a personal approach to help you develop a meditation practice that you can eaily learn. This includes helping you to discover the most appropriate meditation style or styles that will more easily fit into your daily life.

Private Individual Meditation Classes


Meditation classes/courses

Online classes, courses and private sessions - now available!

Meditation offers so many benefits on all levels.


Meditation brings a sense of calm, wellbeing and centredness that can help us better cope with the ups and downs of everyday life.


Meditation benefits for the body:

  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate

  • relaxes the muscles

  • improves oxygen delivery throughout the body

  • improves the immune system

  • improves overall wellbeing

  • improves energy levels

  • helps with chronic pain and illness.


Meditation benefits for the mind and emotions:

  • relaxes the mind

  • brings deep relaxation

  • emotional balance

  • reduces anxiety

  • builds self-confidence

  • helps with tolerance

  • helps you to be more centred

  • increases compassion.


Meditation benefits for the spirit:

  • improves your feeling of happiness

  • assists with intuition and psychic abilities

  • provides a deeper understanding of the self

  • helps with spiritual connections

  • helps you to accept yourself

  • improves your perspective

  • helps you to be in the present moment.

Types of


Creative Visualisation


With creative visualistion, you use your imagination to take a journey in your mind conjuring mental images for a variety of different reasons.


Creative visualistation uses mental imagery to help you relax, manifest results in your life, improve your health, and create positive changes in your life.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of deep relaxation that comes from the Indian yoga tradition.


It is usually done lying down with your arms resting out to your sides with palms facing up. You then bring your awareness to each part of your body to release any tension as you gently and naturally breathe in and out through your nose.


Yoga Nidra is also known as as 'ýogic sleep' or 'sleep with awareness'. it relaxes the nervous system and brings a deep sense of calm.



Developed by Lesley Levy of Innerji, Aroma-Spirit meditation focuses on using your sense of smell by inhaling a chosen essential oil and meditating on its aroma.


During this meditation the aroma may stimulate mental images, memories or messages that may have meaning for you.



This meditation is also known as 'Trataka' and is a meditation style where you fix your gaze on an object—such as a candle flame, crystal, mandala, picture or any other object your choose.


When any thoughts enter your mind. you simply re-focus your attention on the object you have chosen.


Zen meditation is about being in the present moment regardless of what you are doing. It could be while you are cooking, eating, working on a project, exercising or sitting outside in the sunshine.


When in Zen meditation, you don't think about the past or the future, you just react to what is happening around you in that moment—observing the moment. Many people call this 'being in the zone' as you are so focused on what your are doing, you have no thought or perception of anything else.



With Mantra meditation, you repeat a chosen word, affirmation or sound over and over again to bring you into a meditative state.


OM is a well-known mantra, but you can use words like 'peace' or affirmations such as 'I am calm'.

Private Tuition


Private Individual Meditation Classes
If you want to learn to meditate and relax in a way that is designed specifically for you and your body, then Innerji’s private individual and group meditation sessions offer the ideal solution.
Explore the world of meditation in a safe, soothing and peaceful environment, and develop meditation skills for life.




Experience the ultimate in individual attention with a bespoke introduction to Meditation online via  Zoom, Skype or Face Book Messenger video.



1.5 hrs session                      $   95


1 hr session                            $  75


Six session package (1 hr)   $ 420, saving you $30


Buddy–Up for couples/friends:

Teaming up with your partner is a great way to stay motivated when you begin your meditation practice.

What you will receive:


In this nurturing, sharing and positive meditation private session or package, you will:

  • experience a diverse range of meditation techniques that are easy to learn and do, so that you can create a meditation practice that will work for you

  • discover the many benefits of meditation including relaxation and stress management, being better able to focus your mind, feeling more peaceful, assisting in the healing process and so much more

  • explore the best meditation postures that will work for you

  • practice a variety of meditation techniques including body relaxation, creative visualisation, Zen meditation, meditating with the breath and Mantra meditation

  • gain an understanding of how meditation works.

Bookings now available!
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