Divine Curves Yoga

6.15pm each Monday

Level 1, Lawrence House, 142 Monaro Street Queanbeyan

Divine Curves Yoga is designed specifically for people who are more curvy and would love to do yoga. 

This class is for you if you:


  • feel self-conscious about your body

  • feel judged because of your size or how you looked

  • find it hard to get up and down from the floor

  • you don't fit the 'skinny, flexible' stereotype seen in the media.

This special Divine Curves Yoga series of classes include: 
  • discovering your breath
  • using props as part of your yoga practice
  • learn how to safely do yoga poses modified for your body shape
  • a guided meditation to relax at the end of class.

Divine Curves Yoga is 'weight-neutral'. This means that I will not be focusing on weight loss, diet or anything related to weight loss. 

You will never feel pressured to eat a certain way, count calories or any other
diet-related activities. Of course, if you would like to add Curvy Yoga as part of your own weight loss journey - that is also fine and you will be welcome in class.

Divine Curves Yoga is all about learning and practising yoga within a nurturing space; modifying poses for your unique body structure and using props if needed.
Re-connect to your curves with body-affirming movement
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