Divine Curves Yoga


6.15pm on Mondays

Level 1, Lawrence House, 142 Monaro Street Queanbeyan


Have you ever felt you can't do yoga or don't belong in a yoga class because:


  • you are self-conscious about your body?

  • you feel judged because of your size or how you looked?

  • it is hard to get up and down from the floor?

  • you didn't fit the 'skinny, flexible' stereotype that you see in the media?


Yet, you want to do yoga and mindfully move your body and feel good in your own skin.

Numbers are restricted to just 12 curvy-licious souls​
Book now to reserve to your place on the mat.
Casual Class - Just $25
Five-Class Pass - Just $99,
saving you $26
Why choose Divine Curves Yoga?


Divine Curves Yoga classes are 'weight-neutral' which means that I will not be focusing on weight loss, diet or anything related to weight loss.


Instead, the classes are all about learning and practising yoga. So, you will never feel pressured to eat a certain way, count calories or any other diet-related activities. Of course, if you would like to add Divine Curves Yoga as part of your own weight loss journey - that is also fine and you will be welcome in class.


When I teach Yoga - whether is it Divine Curves Yoga, All Shapes Yoga or Chair Yoga - it is about about meeting you 'where you are - accepting that this is your yoga journey' and I will do my best to support you - whatever that journey in yoga may be.


Divine Curves Yoga will help you to:


  • easily learn yoga poses that are designed for your unique body 

  • discover how using props such as chairs, the wall, blocks and straps can support you on your yoga journey

  • connect your mind, body, heart and spirit to accept yourself as the wonderful and unique being you are

  • move mindfully - in your yoga practice and in your everyday life.

How you will benefit from Curvy Yoga


Improve your flexibility and strength - maybe even touch your toes

De-stress and relax - enjoy some 'me time'

Gain confidence amongst like-minded souls

Be more comfortable in your own skin

improve your overall wellbeing.

Re-connect to your curves with body-affirming movement
Book now to reserve to your place on the mat.
Casual Class - Just $25
Five-Class Pass - Just $99,
saving you $26