Chair Yoga is exactly what the name suggests, yoga poses that you can do whilst seated in a chair.


It is a great introduction to yoga, or as a yoga alternative, especially if you can't do traditional yoga due to physical limitations or illness. 


Chair yoga is easy to learn and do.
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The Chair Yoga offered by Innerji, takes a unique approach—offering gentle exercise that benefits you physically, mentally and emotionally. There is no need to follow a spiritual tradition when doing Chair Yoga.


Innerji offers Chair Yoga classes and workshops for people who:


  • have difficulty standing or balancing

  • struggle to get up and down from the floor

  • are confined to a wheelchair

  • work at a desk all day.

Seniors Chair Yoga
When:           1.30pm each Friday resuming 17 January 2019.
Where:         Bellerive Retirement Village, Lyons



For more information, call Lesley on 0412 993 371
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How you can benefit from doing Chair Yoga

Chair yoga poses can provide a number of benefits for physical and mental wellbeing. As people age, their range of motion, level of flexibility and balance can be affected. Among its potential benefits, chair yoga can:

  • increase blood circulation and lower blood pressure

  • alleviate joint pain from arthritis

  • improve your immune system

  • alleviate stress and calm the mind

  • promote relaxation and reduce feelings of tension or discomfort

  • improve posture and flexibility

  • improve sleep

  • relieve anxiety and depression

  • improve concentration, memory and learning

  • improve coordination and endurance

  • bring inner awareness and connect the body, mind and spirit

  • bring a sense of overall wellbeing


Practising Chair Yoga supports your body whilst stretching and strengthening your muscles and joints.

For more information, call Lesley on 0412 993 371
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