All Shapes Yoga by Innerji dispels the myth that you must have a certain 'body type' or be really 'bendy' to do yoga. 
No matter what your size or shape,
you can do All Shapes Yoga.

Innerji's classes include anyone who wants to do yoga in a safe, nurturing space


I will never judge you on your shape, size or fitness level. Instead, I will 'meet you where you are' and support you in taking your yoga journey.


All Shapes Yoga classes are ideal if you are more curvy, have some restricted mobility, or haven't exercised in awhile.


All Shapes Yoga classes are geared for people of all shapes and sizes
who think they cannot do yoga because they:

- are not flexible enough
- are the 'wrong' size or shape
- are too curvy
- have weight issues
- have restricted movement
- haven't exercised in awhile.
Class Locations and Times
  • Queanbeyan:
    When:  6.15pm Tuesdays

      Where: Level 1, Lawrence House, 142 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan (Next to         the Queanbeyan Leagues Club)

Ten-class pass just $180  

Five-class pass just $95  



Casual class only $22

All Shapes Yoga classes offer a variety of options for each of the yoga poses; as well as helpful props - from using chairs and walls to help support and align your body -  to blocks, straps and blankets, but only if you need them.

Attending your class


What to wear:

  • Regular gym clothes or clothes that allow you to move freely.

  • Please remove your shoes before the start of the class as yoga is done in bare feet.


What to bring:

  • your yoga mat

  • a bottle of water

  • a small towel

  • a blanket

To ensure an enjoyable experience:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your class to sign in.

  • Please turn off your mobile phone and any electronics eg iPads etc.

  • If you need to leave the room during class to access the bathroom, please be mindful of your fellow students.